Tamburini Digital srls was founded in 2016 as a technological branch of Fabbrica Organi Comm. Giovanni Tamburini, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of pipe organ  production and founded in 1893 by Giovanni Tamburini

Giovanni Tamburini


Giovanni Tamburini was born in Bagnacavallo from humble beginnings.

He began his apprenticeship during the adolescence as accordion designer and repairer.

The first contact with the organ builder field was in 1884 with his recruitment for Trice-Anelli company of Codogno.

With an incredible background of knowledge and after this great experience, sir Tamburini, was contacted in 1887 by Cavalier Pacifico Inzoli (Crema), with the specific target to find out solutions about the remained unsolved mechanical problems of the past organ production.

He took part to a training course of Società Elettrica Industriale in Milan, where conceived the conversion from mechanic to electrical of the organ with an active improvement path.

In 1893 founded in Crema his own organ factory.

Saverio Anselmi TamburiniSaverio Anselmi Tamburini, descendant of Comm. Giovanni Tamburini, is the fourth generation of organ manufacturer.

He inherited from his forefather the factory but not only…he is the caretaker of the family passion, tradition and experience in organ manufacturing field.